FULL Enterprise Corporation has been established in the year of 1984 and has introduced their first Datacom products over 20 years ago. Since that time we have expanded to offer one of the biggest range of quality Datacom products.

These include Cat. 5, 5E & Cat. 6. We have got the Delta Certificate since 1994 for Cat.5 & 5E. In the year of 2002 & 2003 we have got the Cat. 6 Channel Link UTP & Permanent Link STP & FSTP Detla Certificate which include Patch Panel, Wall Outlets, Panel Mount Jacks and In-line Couplers with either Krone, 110 or Dual type block terminators.

Full Enterprise also offers 802.3 & 802.5 Ethernet products, IBM Token Ring components, Baluns, ISDN & Connectors. It makes Full Enterprise Corp. an easy, ONE STOP SHOP. 

In an industry where reliability counts, we are proud that so many of our products can be offered with the confidence of industry conformities and independent quality approvals that have been verified by:

Delta Laboratories - Copenhagen, Denmark
UL Laboratories - USA
3P -Denmark

Furthermore, our products exceed the values specified in the standard for Near End Cross - Talk (NEXT) Attenuation and Return Loss. So our products fully support the transmission performance requirements specified in the ANSI / TIA / EIA 568A and ISO / IEC 11803 standards.

We are not only providing new and full range of products, but also keep researching and developing new products to fulfill the market demands which are changed rapidly. Our strong team of R&D keeps fully support of the technical solution. We not only have always tried to satisfy customers' requirement, but also tried to meet the quality standard. It creates the profit not only for us, but also for our customers, which advantage is countless. We always try to do our best to cooperate with our customers to make a double-win for both sides. This is what we have offered to our customers.

If your requirements are not shown in our web site, please don't hesitate to contact us or our representatives in your country, as new products are continually being added and we also offer an important " Make to Order " service.